Did you know that compared to stocks and real estate that offer 2.5% – 5% ROI, instead, you can choose to invest in Amazon to get 20% – 45% return and with little risk & no work? No wonder Amazon is a global superpower.

In fact, we can work with those with as little as a $1500 card; however, sales & profits will be less. To earn upwards of $5K get a higher limit. On a revolving basis, we use it on Walmart & Costco to buy.

To be eligible to sell in America, you must be a Citizen with a license, and social security & you must have funds to buy products before the month-end settlement from Amazon. Also is limited to one person per household.

Be fair with us. Our team spent years studying computer science, in Amazon™ FBA workshops. No, we have certain skills nobody has. We spend hours adding, managing, editing, and executing tasks on your behalf.


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